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Hello! My artistic name is Alexander Blu. I was born on 27 December 1966 in Novi Sad, Serbia. I started dealing with music when I was very young. At the age of  7, I went to Primary Music School for the piano, which I finished 6 years later. From the very beginning I was interested mostly in composing, so that my first song was composed already at the age of 10.
During the 80's I was playing with a few rock bands, performing all over the ex Yugoslavia. It was not until the 90's that I began dealing with studio and production work professionally. At that time, I established a music studio with a friend of mine. During the next eight years, I recorded, mixed or produced about 100 records, mostly of pop/rock and electro genre. Bands and musicians that influenced me the most: Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Kitaro, Jean Michel Jarre, Robert Miles, James Brown, Moby, Frederic Chopin, U2, Coldplay, Air, etc. Since my music is released under  Creative Commons Licenses you can download it for free for non-commercial purposes. I hope that you will like it.





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Since my music is free to download under Creative Commons Licenses it can be freely used for unprofitable purposes, and with my approval for profitable  projects as well. Therefore, I have found on the internet that is being used in different projects. You can find some of the most interesting here: moderato.ws/video



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