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Umbra is basically a Waveset of 128 complex waveforms as SF2 plus a specially designed VSTi Synthesizer / SF2 (Soundfont) player. The Umbra waveset consists of complex waveforms which
are best suited for dark ambient, soundscapes, athmospheres, textures and rather experimental sounds. The Umbra waveset can be used also with STS-26 and ProtoPlasm21 and other sf2 compatible apps. As of STS-26 and ProtoPlasm 21 it is recommeded not to load it into all slots as sound might get too fat then. ;-)

Umbra VSTi Synthesizer /SF2 Player features:

  • 2 Oscillators with 128 waveforms as external SF2 (24 of these waveforms in free version)

  • 6 LFO and 1 Sample&Hold incl. 1 dedicated pitch mod LFO

  • 1 24db LowPass filter with resonance and EG (ADSR)

  • 1 Amp EG (ADSR)

  • 1 Delay bpm synced and modulateble by selectable source

  • LKO function for Delay (LastKeyOff unleashes full delay amount)

  • LoBoost & Saturator

  • Pan modulateble by selectable LFO and option to switch between normal Pan and Delay to opposite direction

  • 4 Lazy buttons

  • 8 voices or maybe 10

  • DOWNLOAD!  7.15 mb

    Visit: H.G. Fortune


    Six Toungs Drums and Bass


    A powerful drum box and bassline synth which can generate sequences of any length and subdivision (of the BPM). You can use internal synthesizers to replace external ones..

    DOWNLOAD!  6.05 kb



    Anibus v.1.2  


    Anubis is a virtual analog synthesizer.


    • 16-notes polyphonic.

    • 2 oscillators with X-Mod and Sync.

    • Randomizable ADSR.

    • Graphical modulation envelopes up to 32 stages.

    • 2 LFOs; host BPM syncable.

    • 1 multi-mode filter (same as Adonis 2); Randomizable.

    • 7x7 modulation-matrix.

    • Vibrato.

    • Tremolo; host BPM syncable.

    • Delay.

    • Chorus.

    • MIDI learn.

    • CPU friendly.


    DOWNLOAD!  2.86 mb

    Visit: B.Serrano




    XRAZOR is a solution for processing, mangling, creating, reverse engineering, decimating, and reconstructing drum and percussive loops. XRAZOR adds a whole bunch of new and useful functionality to the set of features found in previously released beat manipulation programs. 32-bit audio engine, Operates on stereo samples (will also handle mono), Automatic region detection, Allows multiple audio files to be managed and organized in projects - allowing you to process and cut up a slew of loops and dump them to your sampler in one go, just hit send and do other things while XRAZOR dumps all of them for you etc, etc...

    DOWNLOAD!  1.30 mb


    Vivaldi FM Synth 


    - 4 x 2 Operator FM Synthesis.
    - Up to 32 voices polyphony adjustable from the UI, including a smart & smooth voice stealing algorithm.
    - Up to 4 parts per note for voice layering, including support for velocity and key window.
    - Sample precise support for all usual MIDI controllers (volume, expression, panpot, pitch bend, ...).
    - Support for all sample rates (22k, 44k, 48k, 96k, ...).
    - True 32bit floating point signal processing on per-sample-basis (no down scaling!).

    DOWNLOAD!  561 kb





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